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Sue started her event management career in 2000 working 8 years for an international corporation travelling across Canada and 24 Markets in the U.S. , organizing  2 events in Times Square and interacted with 1,000+ attendees in a 9-month period.  This great opportunity give her the ability to add a wealth of expertise and skills to the firm foundation she had already built.

Sue truly enjoys creating events from conception to conclusion, working alongside her client(s) and ensuring their vision becomes reality.  Putting processes and procedures in place is like big jigsaw puzzle says Sue, putting the edges and corners into place, the middle portion just falls into place!

Why not reach out to Sue and discuss your scenario (suehowe.cep@gmail.com) – her mission is to take the stress off everyone’s shoulders allowing them to succeed and enjoy the function too.

Clients include;
Diageo, University of Western Ontario, Huron University College, Institute of Corporate Directors Southwestern Ontario Chapter (ICD SWO), Beachville District Museum, City of London, Kids Help Phone Line, Southern Ontario Defense Association, Southern Ontario Defense Association (SODA), After A Loss (Best Years 50+ Lifestyle Expo), After A Loss

Events in her portfolio;  Conferences, Sales Seminars, Educational Sessions, Corporate Functions, Expo’s, Festival, Convocations, Receptions, Vendor Shows, Concert. Golf Tournament, Retreats, Weddings

SkillsClient Comments

Consultant Role – Maybe?.   Sometimes a client just needs to know which direction to move and what steps to take but not the expense of retaining an Event Planner – Sue can certainly assist – just reach out to her: suehowe.cep@gmail.com



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  1. Event planning is such a useful tool to use in business. We have enough things to worry about and when it comes time to throw a party for employees it is nice to be able to leave that responsibility in good hands. What are the different kinds of events that could be planned out by a CEP?

    • There are many designations that a professional Event Planner has the opportunity to add to a tool box and illustrate to clients and potential clients that they have taken the additional step to become an expert within the industry. Mine happens to be a Certified Event Planner passing with distinction. A professional Event Planner should have the knowledge and skills to create any type of event from conception to conclusion and/or jump in to assist a client should their staff become overwhelmed and/or assist on-site to trouble-shoot and keep the day(s) flowing smoothly. Utilizing an Event Planner takes the emotional tie off the client who has a vested interest and removes their stress. Event Planners have no emotional attachment to an event(s) but their main necessity is to continually build a reputation as being the go to person for success, they want a client that returns again often and refers to others.

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