About Sue…..

Working on many projects that required meticulous detail, good communication skills and wearing a multitude of hats, it was a natural progression for Sue to attend the Institute of Event Planning in the U.K. and obtain the Certified Event Planner Diploma passing with distinction

Now Sue is having fun organizing a variety of events with a diverse client base. Itemized below are just a few of the; businesses, organizations and associations she has had the opportunity to work with.

2017 Update

Presently Sue has no planned events too coordinate – she has relocated to Elliot Lake and looking forward to adventures yet to come!


OCTOBER 2015 & 2016:  Best Years 50+ Lifestyle Expo Retained to closely alongside Event Organizer and be the Expo Event Planner solely responsible for all logistics and communications with vendors and the majority of on-site parties.  Due to the coordination of a new annual event for being held at the Western Fair District.

JULY 16, 2016: Hemophilia Ontario South Western Ontario Region – Golf Tournament being held at Ingersoll Golf Club.  Assisting the Chair of the Golf Committee and Team to organize a successful fund-raising event.

2012-2017:  Institute of Corporate Directors Southwestern Ontario Chapter; Coordinating from conception to conclusion Educational Seminars back-to-back sessions in London and Kitchener.  Six sessions held a year, 3 in London, 3 Kitchener and coordination of ad-hoc meetings. Monitor web-site registration, conversing with speakers, attendees, organizing all materials, name badges, etc and on-site set-up for both venues.  Includes being the Chapter Administrator; attending Executive Board Meeting.  Instrumental in creating  Executive Orientation Manual and regularly updating.

2015 : OCTOBER 17:  Zonta Club of Chatham-Kent a two fold event created concept: #1 all day country western theme vendor market being held at the Armouries, #2 evening concert featuring a Shania Twain Tribute Artist, who has performed in Las Vegas and Toronto and SnakeBite a local up and coming country western band being held at the Capitol Theatre.  Role requires organizing all the logistics for each event being supported by the Zonta Committee to ensure a successful fund-raising event.  Donating services to organize the evening concert.
2015: MARCH 30:  Southern Ontario Defense Association (SODA) held at the Western Fair District, London. Monitored and organized registration for almost 200 attendees and created badges for on-site. Coordinated all the logistics for the Display Table Vendors (32), creating floor plan graphic for distribution on-site, B2B (Business to Business Meetings) for a 2-hours totally 92 appointments.
2014:  Mossmanevents; Regional Event Specialist, 5 locations responsibility coordinating all aspects of a major fund-raising walk (Jan-May)
2013:  Breast Cancer Film Premiere; Decoding Annie &  Private Birthday Party for 30 Guests.30 Guests)
2012-2013: Beachville District Museum – 4-Day Festival (12 month contract) Created event and coordinated all aspects and working alongside numerous volunteers

Weddings; 2 East Indian, Jamaican, Moroccan, Gay, Large Outdoor
City of London: Family Literacy Conference – Apr. 2011
Dept. of Medicine, University of Western Ontario – Nov. 2009 – Dec. 2010 (Assisting Student Committee to organize 7 events, created 2 Christmas Dinner Parties for all of the office Schulich Staff)

Contract Roles:

2000-2008: Diageo:  Logistical Event Coordinator of monthly events across Canada and U.S. (24 markets connecting with 1,000 people over a 9-month period within the U.S.) required a vast amount of logistical elements and materials organizing from conception to conclusion, including 2 events in Times Square.   Due to the hectic travel relocated to Stamford for 2 1/2 years.
2007-2011: Huron University College: organizing all logistics for convocations, receptions, an annual invitational dinner, retreats and a variety of meetings and events.
2006: Union Gas (Chatham-Kent).  Hired to created an Event Planner Analyst role, trained hired individual and created processes and procedures for the 4 person Corporate Planning Team during this 6-month contract.



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